Marking System

One of the best products that the Aalap offers is the unique Marking systems. They are an Authorized Dealer of Forbes & Co. for their Telesis range of Marking Systems in North, Central and South Gujarat area therefore you can be assured of the quality products that they are selling because these products comes from one of the most trusted and credible marking systems provider across the world.

The Telesis Technology, Incorporated is considered as the leader in Traceability and Identification Technology. They have the durable and fast laser marketing systems, Telescribe marking systems and Benchmark pen markers. Every day, thousands of industrial manufacturing environments would rely on the Telesis, throughout the world. This is because the global network of the Service and Sales Professionals backs up all their systems.

The Aalap will guide and assist you in either choosing the best marking solutions automated or manual station etc. The marking system includes Engraving Machine that is used to personalize everything form gifts, awards, jewelry that delivers precision results.

The Marking Machines are of best quality, which is produced by the skilled craftsmen using the modern technology. This is used to engrave down to final heat treat and any field of metal marking. It is also used for traceability and direct identification of any of your component. This type of machine is used for the permanent part identification. Moreover, the Itching Machine is usually used to mark hard materials such as Alloy steels, Carbide, Mild Steel, etc.

What can the marking systems of the Aalap can give and offer you?

  • The machines can provide fast and high quality marking
  • Reasonable price that would definitely compensate its features and performance
  • It will provide high quality of the characters engraved in your component or applications.
  • Long-lasting service of the solutions

Here are the products that are included in the marking systems:

Bench Mark-320

This is economical and fully programmable with the extruded aluminum marking head that mounts base and post and the self-contained controller. This eliminates the need for air supply that makes it easy to move the product form one, work area to other.

Bench Mark 460

This is a high quality, programmable and permanent marking for a wide range of materials that ranges from soft plastics to the hard metals up to Rc60.

The TMP 3200-420, TMP 1000/400, TMP 4210-420, TMM4215/420 and TMP 1700-420 have the marking speed that can create up to six characters per second. It is the best choice for many online processes and factory-automated processes. It features marking head and provides state of the art graphical user interface.

The SC 5000/420 and SC 3500/420 are virtually silent. They inscribe a high quality and continuous line for most plastics and metals.

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