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Professional Wireless Label Printer

Print durable labels from your PC, Mac ,smartphone or tablet using wireless connectivity.

  • Create durable labels up to 36mm in width
  • High speed and high resolution printing
  • Wi-Fi to print labels from several devices at once.
  • Advanced cutter with easy label peel function.
  • Include images, barcodes and frames on your labels.
  • Connect to data contained in spreadsheets to batch print many labels at once.
  • Software development kits available for Windows, iOS and Android devices
  • Range of optional accessories to customise the printer to your needs
  • HG tape is a high-grade media that provides a high resolution (up to 360 x 720 dpi) for printing fine text, graphics, barcodes and logos, or a faster throughput (up to 3.15 ips) for assembly line and other demanding applications.
  • TZ tape is available with four different adhesives to match your specific application:
    • Standard adhesive for general purpose labeling on flat, smooth surfaces.
    • Extra Strength adhesive for labeling on textured, rough, and uneven surfaces, and on a variety of plastics and other hard-to-stick material.
    • Flexible ID adhesive for labeling cables and wires, pipes and fittings, beakers and test tubes, sharp bends, hydraulic and electrical connectors, and other rounded surfaces
    • Tamper-Evident adhesive that leaves behind a checkerboard pattern if the label is removed. It’s great for asset management, property tags, company tools, calibration labels, and other security applications.
  • HG and TZ tapes can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications. The Extra Strength and Flexible ID adhesive tapes are UL recognized (UL-969) for indoor and outdoor labeling applications.
  • Offering the highest print speed and print resolution in their class, the PT-P900W series professional label printers produce durable labels up to 36mm in width. Print text, barcodes, images and logos onto laminated, durable labels that are suitable for indoor or outdoor use, and last for many years. Choose from wireless network connectivity, and a range of optional accessories to create a customised label printing solution that suits your requirements.

Key features at a glance

  • Prints durable labels from 6mm to 36mm in width
  • Large 32mm print height for near edge-to-edge printing
  • 360dpi print resolution for crisp text, images and barcodes
  • High speed printing of up to 60mm/second
  • USB and Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Advanced cutter prints easy-peel labels in a continuous strip
  • Includes free professional desktop label design software for PC/Mac
  • Software development kits available to easily add label printing to your own software or apps
  • Merge text contained in Excel, .csv and MSDE/SQL databases to easily batch print many labels at once
  • Prints 1D and 2D industry standard barcodes
  • Free iOS/Android label apps to print labels from smartphones/tablets
  • Optional battery base and Li-ion rechargeable battery
  • Optional RJ25 to DB9M serial adapter


Print from smartphones or tables

Instantly create and print simple labels from your smartphone or tablet without needing to start your PC. The Brother iPrint&Label app wirelessly connects to the printer to let you design and print labels from your iOS or Android device. Or if you need to identify electrical and datacom cabling and equipment, use the Brother Cable Label Tool app to print labels for wrapping around cables or for sticking to faceplates, electrical distribution boards and other specialist equipment.

Include label printing as part of your solution

Software and app developers can use various software development kits for Microsoft Windows, iOS and Android devices to enable label printing from within your own software and apps. This makes these printers ideal to integrate into custom solutions, where durable labels are required.

Advanced cutter with easy-peel function

The advanced cutter can produce one long strip of labels that are easily peeled one-at-atime, and ensures your labels are kept in the correct order. Or each label can be fully cut if required.

Print wherever and whenever required

There are situations where AC power may not be available, such as on construction sites, or if the label printer needs to be used on a portable trolley. Attach the optional battery base and rechargeable lithiumion battery pack to allow label printing wherever and whenever required.

Optional Accessories


Battery base for li-ion battery


Lithium-lon rechargeable battery


Rj25 to DB9M serial adapter


Label printing

  • Prints labels up to 36mm in width
  • Maximum print height of 32mm for near edge-to-edge printing
  • 360dpi print resolution for crisp, legible text, images and barcodes
  • Fast print speed of 60mm/second
  • Built-in automatic label cutter with easy-peel function
  • Minimum label length: 4mm | Maximum label length: 1 metre
  • Print up to 17 lines per label
  • Number of copies: 1-999


  • USBWindows®(USB1.1, 2.0, 3.0 protocol) | Mac (USB 1.0, 2.0 protocol)
  • Serial RS-232C (for printing with ESC/P commands only. Requires optional serial adapter)

Connectivity: Wireless

  • Wireless Direct: IEEE802.11n | Ad-Hoc mode: IEEE802.11b | Infrastructure mode: IEEE802.11b/g/n | WPS 2.0

Dimensions and weights:

  • 118mm (w) x 192mm (d) x 146mm (h) | 1.48kg (PT-P900W)

Printer emulations/printer modes

  • P-touch Raster | ESC/P | P-touch Template

Tape types supported:

  • TZe tape cassettes: 6mm-36mm
  • HSe heat-shrink tube: 5.8mm-23.6mm

Label creation (PC/Mac)

  • Uses P-touch Editor professional label design software
  • Link to data stored in Microsoft® Excel® (Windows®) and .csv (Mac) les, to merge onto your labels
  • Choose any of the fonts installed on your PC/Mac to fully customise your label
  • Supports popular image formats (.bmp, .dib, .jpg, .tif, .ico, .wmf)
  • Special cable labelling wizard to easily create labels for cables, patch panels, faceplates and switches
  • Use the date/time stamp to automatically include current or future date/time on your labels

Barcode protocols supported:

  • 1D: CODE39, CODE128, ITF 2/5, EAN13, EAN8, UPC-A, UPC-E, CODABAR, GS1-128 (UCC/EAN128)
  • 2D: QR Code, PDF417, Data Matrix, Aztec Code, RSS-14 (Standard, Truncated, Stacked, StackedOmni), RSS-Limited, RSS Expanded (Standard, Stacked)

Supplied with printer:

  • 36mm black on white laminated label cassette (8m)
  • AC adapter
  • USB cable
  • User guide

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