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TMP 1000/400

The TMP1000/400 is the lowest cost PINSTAMP Marking System.The rugged TMP 1000 marking head features a compact "50*200mm" window and marking speeds up to six characters per second.It's an excellent choice for many factory-automated or online processes.

  • Weight : 2.9kg
  • Operating Tempersture : 32 to 122F
  • Air Supply : Clean and dry, 4.2 to 8.3 bars
  • Air Consumption : 0.04SCFM(ideal)0.6SCFM(marking)
  • Marking Area : 50 * 20mm
  • Pin Types : 10MP-,25L-,25XL-,150S or 150SA-series
  • Pin Material : carbide(10MP-series micropin) powdered metal or stainles steel with diamod tip or carbide(25L-,25XL-series) Powdered metal or tool steel with carbide tip
  • "50.00 * 20.00mm" Marking window
  • Marks wide range og materials from soft plastics to hardened steel -upto Rc60
  • Shutter assembley protects marking head from solid to liquid contamiants
  • Dot density upto 200 dots per each
  • Choice of interchangeble marking pin types for depth from .001"-0.18"
  • Pin travel accomodates surface irragularity to .25
  • Automatic generates serial numbers,Time,date and shift codes
  • Easily interfaced to PLCs and Host Computers.
  • Rotary fixture for marking circumferences of cylindrical parts
  • Bar Code Scanner for automatic data entry
  • Start-Print footswitch and pushbutton station
  • Logo/Font design software package for design of custom fonts or logos
  • PC-Based Upgrade Utility available FREE from www.telesis.com for easy software upgrade
  • PC-Based Pattern Back-up Utility available FREE from www.telesis.com

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